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Win a one-on-one Skype call with Karen

Live card activation ceremony

Experience being a real mermaid as you swim with the dolphins and receive healing as you totally relax in this deep guided visualization. Listen to a sample above. 

Entry into this exclusive competition! One lucky winner will receive a personalized mermaid Skype session with Karen at a time of their choosing.

Join Karen Kay on Monday 22 June  at 6 p.m. BST for a live online card deck activation ceremony. Forge a deeper connection with your cards and begin to access the wisdom of the mermaids.

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About the Author

Karen Kay communicates with elementals, including mermaids and fairies. She first connected with her finned friends of the sea when she moved to Cornwall. A former BBC journalist, Karen founded the international Mermaids & Mythology magazine and FAE magazine.

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Order Messages from the Mermaids to receive these exclusive bonus gifts from Karen...


Connect with the world of elemental mermaids and receive spiritual insights through Messages from the Mermaids! Mermaids are the magical and mysterious elemental guardians of the sea, and can offer timeless wisdom, gentle solutions and encouraging messages to all who seek their guidance.

When you fully open your heart and mind to the mermaids, miraculous transformations can happen.

Use this deck as a spiritual bridge between yourself and the world of the elemental mermaids to connect with their wisdom.

Dive into the depths of your subconscious and reveal any issues that need to be observed in a loving, gentle way.

Each card in this deck offers easy-to-follow, gentle guidance to help you interpret its message on a personal and spiritual level.

Pick a card to see some of Linda Olsen's beautiful artwork and click to receive an amazing message from the mermaids...

Receive an exclusive Mermaid Meditation and an invitation to a live online card activation ceremony hosted by Karen. Plus, you'll be entered into a competition to win a one-on-one Skype session with Karen herself! 

Watch the video to your right to listen to a sample of Karen’s Mermaid Meditation!

Linda Olsen is an experienced US painter with international exposure. After many years spent working as a art director and graphic designer, Linda is now a dedicated full-time artist specializing in painting and photography. Her seascapes, tropical scenes, underwater landscapes, mermaids and abstract paintings emerge from the artist's love of the sea. Her work is characterized by soft brushstrokes, exaggerated light and bright, contrasting colours.

About the Illustrator

Mermaids dwell in the water and water is directly related to the emotions (emotion=energy in motion). Emotions can run very deep, just like the sea, so you'll find this oracle deck a particularly useful tool when it comes to matters of the heart, as emotions are likely to have a strong influence over your thoughts and actions. 

With much of the world turning its attention towards the seas and people coming up with ingenious ideas to tackle plastic pollution, it's no wonder the mermaids are swimming forward to impart their wisdom with humanity. They wish to show us how to live in peace and harmony with the environment and take care of the oceans, because water is the source of all life.

Mermaids are magical beings who are guardians and protectors of our precious oceans.

Anyone who loves and cares for the planet and has a passion for the environment will resonate with Messages from the Mermaids as they step into another realm, where magic and miracles are real.